The Vaccination Race: Indonesia Challenges Ahead

Alexander Yahya Datuk
Chief Executive Officer of Sandinomics

Fithra Faisal Hastiadi
Chief Strategic Officer of Sandinomics, and The Executive Director of Next Policy

Muhammad Raihan Ramadhan
Research Associate, Next Policy

A vaccine jab to Joko Widodo’s shoulder on January 13th marked the start of mass COVID-19 inoculation in Indonesia. With the target of 181.5 million people or 67% of Indonesia total population, the Health Ministry planned to achieve such number in around 15 months. While at a glance the sheer number is massive, but it is still smaller in comparison to India’s target of mass vaccination. Started at January 15th, India planned to inoculate 300 million of its citi- zens in half the timeframe of Indonesia (7 Months) and by January 21st India managed to clock in 1.04 million people. A similar milestone also achieved by Turkey who inoculated 1.2 million out of the targeted 60 million people within a week from the start of their program on January 14th (Figure 1). While there is a certain ambition in Indonesia’s plan, the progress is moving quite slow—that is as of the last day of January, Indonesia only managed to vaccinate 594.409 health workers.

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